Tokyo’s hidden spot Tateishi, Shibamata tour

東京都葛飾区立石四丁目24番1号 (0)
from/per person ¥4,800
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Tateishi Nakamise Shopping Street is one of the most typical ‘Shitamachi’ shopping streets.

You might get to know how local people live here and even feel what the ‘Shitamachi’ life is like. You’ll visit another area called Drunks’ Alley.
This alley will be gone and redeveloped into a new spot. This is going to be the last chance for you to see Drunks’ Alley.
Who is ‘Futen no Tora-san?’ You’ll find the answer to this question while you stroll through the Sibamata district in Katsushika Ward.

Taishakuten Approach is full of shops & restaurants, which will satisfy your food soul.
Taishakuten Temple, which has about-400-year history, is our breaking-up spot of the tour. However, there’re some other attractions there, including Yagiri’s Ferry, Yamamototei, etc. I’d like to guide you to other hidden tourists spots if you want!


  • Please check the following.
  1. Please participate in this tour with easy walking shoes.
  2. Please participate in clothes that were suitable for the season.
  3. Please follow the Japanese traffic rules and take part in the tour with safety awareness.
  4. Tour expenses do not include transportation expenses, food and beverage expenses.




Keisei Tateishi Sta. on Keisei Line→Tateishi Nakamise Shopping St. →Drunks’ Alley→Keisei Tateishi Sta. on Keisei Line→Keisei Takasago Sta. →Shibamata Sta. on Keisei Kanamachi line→Strolling through the Sibamata District & Lunch[Taishakuten Approach, Taishakuten Temple, Yagiri’s Ferry, Yamamototei, etc.]→Break up at Taishakuten Temple

*It may change depending on the month. Please note.*