Staff Introduction

Message of Representative

Hello everyone. I am Toshiaki, the representative of this tour.
I have lived in Tokyo for over 30 years.

Tokyo is a very fashionable and exciting city but also leaves the scenery and traditional culture of old-fashioned in many places.
I would like to introduce places where the good old culture of Tokyo remains, such as meals, fashion, architecture, culture, to you through this tour.
I would also like to introduce hidden places that are not listed in the guide book to you, so that you can bring these unforgettable memory home.

Let ‘s make good memories of Japan with us!

Tourist guide

Hello. I am Risako, guide of this tour.
I’ve living in Tokyo about 20 years.

I really love this city, so I hope you find out how interesting place Tokyo is.
I studied urban planning at university and I often went around to see the buildings around Harajuku.
On my day off, I often visit unique building all over Japan (sometimes in the world!).
Now I’m working as an engineer and guide around Omotesando area on weekends.
In my tour, you can find many architectural works made by famous Japanese architects, such as Tadao Ando, Toyoo Ito, Kengo Kuma etc.

I’m going to tell you their history and what they want to express through their work.
In addition, I can introduce hidden unique buildings that are not on the guide book.
By walking through Omotesando, you can understand designs and thought unique in Japan.
I can also introduce interesting shops such as stationary shops, character shops while walking, if you want to know.
I can tell you some delicious eating places as well because I love eating and have sweet tooth.

Let’s enjoy the tour together!

Hi!  I’m from Kagoshima in Kyushu and now have lived in Tokyo for 9 years.
I specialize in Japanese traditional culture, like Japanese tea ceremony and calligraphy.
I also like to go and watch traditional Japanese stage performances, like kabuki, nohgaku and kyogen.

I’m good at introducing popular sightseeing spots as well as traditional ones in and around Tokyo to you.
I always try to upgrade knowledge about those things and my communicative skills in English.
I also like to go and eat local foods and drink at pubs and restaurants!

If you book my guided tour in and around Tokyo, I bet you won’t get sad or disappointed!
Also, I’m good at discovering ‘hidden gems,’ including sight-seeing spots, restaurants, cafes, and even restrooms!
If you want me to customize your private tour, I’ll definitely satisfy your travel souls!

I really look forward to seeing you soon!

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